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Feral Pursuit by Aubrey Nym

Feral Pursuit by Aubrey Nym

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Bump In The Night Series – The Broken Promise #2

This 16,000 word paranormal short story features sexual encounters with a shifter, knotting and tying, and intense themes

Annie wakes in the middle of the night trapped within a violent and uncontrollable fire, but her rescuer is the one shifter she swore to never forgive.

Hunter saves her from the flames, but he delivers her to the safety of his bed—the one place Annie fears and the only place where she belongs. Though she cast Hunter from her life and refuses to forgive him for claiming her as his mate, Annie’s instinct to submit is as relentless as Hunter’s urge to dominate.

But when the beast possessing Hunter betrays her once again in a frantic, passionate embrace within the darkness of the forest, she realizes it isn’t Hunter she fears. Annie can’t trust her own desire, and her surrender is more dangerous than the fire that destroyed her home or the enemies stalking her from the shadows.


“Are you really trying to hide from a wolf in the wilderness?”

He had a point. The honey gold of Hunter’s eyes darkened as he studied me between the trees, in the perpetual dusk cast under a thick canopy of shadowed limbs. I didn’t like his gaze. I lingered in his woods, in his element. Hunter belonged in the damp air, between the twisting leaves and weeping spring bubbling beyond a gnobby ridge.

The woods was not a place for lost little girls.

Even though my instinct promised I’d be safe within Hunter’s protection, the edge to the air, the sharpness of the isolation, and the stillness in the claimed territory only benefited the wolf, only offered him just that much more control and power over the one foolish enough to blunder right into his lair.

I stepped back, but Hunter’s strides matched my timid shuffles. My foot caught over a loose root, and I stumbled backwards until my back struck a solid tree. I stiffened against the trunk. Hunter loomed over me.

“Why did you run?” His eyes devoured me, and I wished he caught me within a bedroom. The woods strengthened him. Encouraged him. Enthralled him.

And my body warmed in immediate response.

I shuddered as his deep, earthy scent only grew richer in the depth of the wilderness.

“I know I intimidate you, Annie. I can see it. I can taste it in your flesh. I can feel it when I mount you.”

I gripped the tree, my fingers digging into the rough bark. I couldn’t hide, I couldn’t escape, and I couldn’t admit to the wonderful warmth settling between my legs as I endured his stare.

“You don’t need to be afraid of me. You’re my mate. I’d never hurt what was mine.”

I knew it. God, did I know it. So why did I still tremble as he reached for me and whimper as his calloused hand covered my cheek and tucked my wild hair behind my ear?

I didn’t know. Nothing made sense. Everything felt right for all the wrong reasons, and in the aftermath of his broken promises, the fire that consumed my home and bakery, and the desire for his powerful body to cover mine in possessive, feral need, I didn’t know if wanting Hunter was foolish, selfish, or the only thing I needed to feel whole once more.

His lips nibbled over mine, and I broke my sigh in a surrendered whimper. His kiss soothed me. The graceful, dark touch of his tongue seduced me. The bondage of his arms pinning me back against the tree terrified me. Again, I was left to his mercy, and, again, my body pulsed in an undeniable need for my mate’s touch.

“What’s wrong, Annie?” He whispered against my ear. “You aren’t afraid of the big, bad wolf, are you?”

I trembled against his breath. “Should I be?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“On me.”

Aubrey Nym
Smashwords Edition
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Feral Pursuit

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