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Along the Wiccan Way by Gordon Thomas Drury

Along the Wiccan Way by Gordon Thomas Drury

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This book is not for the very beginner and maybe not for the very experienced but maybe could be used either as an aide memoire for those with some experience and an interesting ‘flick through’ for those somewhat less knowledge.
My thoughts were to open doors for the beginners and remind the more advanced where those doors where. Going through those doors is up to you.
All these entries are from my own BOS which I have added to and used for many years. Much of my Book of Shadows was not in an ancient leather bound, brass locked volume as I would have people think but a few exercise books, some lever arch files, a few shoe boxes and thousands of pieces of papers with scribbled facts or rhymes that I have come across over the decades and are now in digital form on my computer. It is still a developing manuscript. Hardly a day goes by without me adding to it from one source or another, an overheard comment, something seen on Facebook, or maybe something that I come across while seeking something else. The Wiccan path has passed it through to me and I share it with you.
I wish I had all these facts, chants and rhymes and thoughts when I stared; I wonder where I would be and what I would know now. As it happens new doors open every day and I have a long list of those I still want to walk through.
Think of these entries in this volume as ingredients for magick and the Wiccan life as flour is an ingredient of bread. How you put those ingredients together, mix them up, how much you use of each and how long you cook them for is by experience to get a good result. Give different people the same ingredients and they all come up with a different result.
If you have a Book of Shadows then I hope some of these entries will enhance it. If you do not have a Book of Shadows then maybe this will assist you in starting one. If you tread your Wiccan path you should really keep one even if it is to pass on to someone else eventually. This is not a text book, but each of these thoughts or facts can go towards your own Book of Shadows. I hope out of the over 8,700 entries there are at least a few that you will find useful.
Over the years I have had learnt many things myself; I have, however been taught by four ‘gurus’ who I greatly respect and am grateful for. Each gave their time and counselling freely and enthusiastically, answering my endless stream of questions patiently and as I know and appreciate now, with much wisdom.
About this book.
I choose to keep the spelling of 'magick' as it is, firstly because that is how this branch is best known; in the aspect of a person using natural energies. Secondly, I keep it that way because that is how it was presented and taught to me. Magic in its other spelling is for the conjurers and performers of slight of hand and illusions.
I have usually when making reference to gender referred to the feminine. This no reflection on the masculine but is merely for ease of writing. ‘Hers’ can become ‘His’, ‘He’ can be ‘She’ etc.
I am also aware that there are contradictions within the facts. I have sometimes found complete opposites in the same thing. You must follow your own feelings and knowledge. As a general rule if you are not sure then don’t! In parts of magick that’s just how it is. Some facts are repeated in different ways; some facts are repeated often.
There is not one true path; there is not one correct way. Even within Wicca the paths are numerous. The contents herein are about my way, the ever evolving path that I currently walk but I hope that it might help you find your own path and enhance your life. Do not take any fact as carved in stone; it is more pencilled in for the moment. I have given the ingredients rather than the finished article; you can mix and match for yourself and hopefully you will have some tasty tit-bits to add yourself. What I write has been for me and not necessarily will it be for you.

Gordon Thomas Drury
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Along the Wiccan Way

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